Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

victim blaming

Severe Victim Blaming

This only happened four months ago. I was locked out of my apartment after coming back from a punk show and it was late at night. I texted a few of my friends who live nearby to see if I could go to their place to get safety and shelter until my boyfriend got home […]

Victim Blaming

They will say, it was a realationship. They will say, maybe he didn´t hear you. They will say, it was no real rape. They will say, he´s just a man. They will say, it isn´t as bad as you think. They will say, that´s just how men are. They will say, it was kind of […]

Ongoing victim blaming (content note)

Hello everyone. My story starts with father’s blame. He still sees it as, my fault that I pushed him to hit me. Though when he tried to suffocate me with a cloth stringed bag. I was upstairs without him. Minding my own business. My mother asked me what did i do ?. An outsider asked, […]

Victim blaming

I was in a relationship with my ex partner for 7 years. He abused me systematically through verbal, emotional and physical violence. My 4 year old has now been down graded to child in need plan. It seems to me that when I attend the meetings for the plan, my abusive ex partner is not […]

Victim Blaming and speaking out

I try to speak out as much as I am able but it’s hard to feel safe doing this and thus frustrates me. I’m not just talking about the threats of violence I know many women experience when they raise their head above the parapet, although the reality of these should be recognised. I’m talking […]

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