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February, 2017

I fought racism and misogyny to become an MP. The fight is getting harder by Diane Abbott

 In 30 years I’ve never complained about abuse. I’m speaking out now because I fear the politics of personal destruction is silencing minorities  MPs Bernie Grant and Diane Abbott at the 1988 Labour party conference in Blackpool. Photograph: PA/PA Archive/PA Images The Nobel prize-winning author Toni Morrison once said, “If there is a book you want to more »

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Multiple sexual assaults

I have been sexually assaulted 13 times, 6 at school and 6 at a mental health institution. 1 in public. I believe at the institution they knew about the previous sexual assaults and wanted to skew that. Two of the sexual assaults were by another student in my year in High School. My ‘friends’ were more »

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In the news – DV decriminalised in Russia and rape culture in British court rooms

Domestic violence reports soar in Russian city after partial decriminalisation by Rachel Roberts Reports of domestic violence have more than doubled in Russia’s fourth largest city since the Government reduced the punishmentfor spousal or child abuse from a criminal to a civil one. Police in Yekaterinburg responded to 350 incidents of domestic violence daily since the law was relaxed compared more »

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It’s always high drama. It’s somebody’s life at stake’: inside British rape trials

…  Woodhouse is one of 12 volunteers working as observers on rape trials at Newcastle crown court. Nine women and three men, they are social workers, nurses, academics and counsellors, some retired, some not. Since January 2015, they have sat on 30 trials and made a string of recommendations: that barristers meet their clients before a more »

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i was raped and my boyfriend blamed me for months

Hi I’m new to this forum and would love any advice anyone can give me. Here is my story in a nut shell. I met my ex boyfriend in college. We dated for two years and he suffered from depression the entire time. The very beginning of the relationship was good, there were some signs more »

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Ongoing victim blaming (content note)

Hello everyone. My story starts with father’s blame. He still sees it as, my fault that I pushed him to hit me. Though when he tried to suffocate me with a cloth stringed bag. I was upstairs without him. Minding my own business. My mother asked me what did i do ?. An outsider asked, more »

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