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November, 2016

Don’t be her voice: a response to the silencing of women in #behervoice

The Kering Foundation was launched in 2009, and combats violence against women focusing on sexual violence in the Americas, harmful traditional practices in western Europe and domestic violence in Asia. They do this through supporting local and international NGOs, awarding social entrepreneurs and organising awareness campaigns. The intentions with awareness campaigns are most often rather more »

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What will it take to end honour based violence in the UK? by Hannana Siddiqui

… Contrary to its due diligence obligations under CEDAW  and the Istanbul Convention  (when ratified), the government’s violence against women strategy advocates a ‘whole family’ or ‘troubled families’ approach which loses its primary focus of protecting victims and holding perpetrators to account. It is also woefully inadequate in meeting the challenges of the collective nature of domestic violence/HBV where more »

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In the news (28.11) on male violence, #predatorypeacekeepers and femicide

Since I gave you a phone it’s not rape by GUILAINE KINOUANI at openDemocracy … Under colonialism African childhood and womanhood were aggressively denied as part of a conscious effort to dehumanise. Remnants of this system of oppression continue to shape the treatment of black people today, with those at the bottom of the hierarchy of blackness, being the more »

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16 ways to End Violence against Women and Girls

The International Day for the Eliminations of Violence against Women kicks off 16 days of global activism. Here are 16 ways that individuals can participate and support these global campaigns against structural and systemic violence against women and girls. 1. Donate £1 to a different national campaigns and specialist women’s service like Rape Crisis England Wales, Scottish more »

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Victim blaming

I was in a relationship with my ex partner for 7 years. He abused me systematically through verbal, emotional and physical violence. My 4 year old has now been down graded to child in need plan. It seems to me that when I attend the meetings for the plan, my abusive ex partner is not more »

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Man convicted of owning 137 000 images of children being sexually abused is spared jail to start family

Richard Arrowsmith was found in position of 137 000 images and 4336 videos of child sexual abuse that he had downloaded over 4 years. 400 videos were class A (the most extreme), 255 were in category B. 186 films and 851 images were in category c. “There were 1,692 movies and images ranging from Category more »

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In the News (21.11) – on austerity, Reclaim the Night, White Ribbon campaign & @SistersUncut

Why I Reclaim the Night: Being a Black Woman in Public Space by @ClaireShrugged I’m writing this on the train home. Legs tucked carefully to one side. Eyes down, even when I’m not looking at the notepad, because I don’t want any man to use his entitlement to female attention to translate an incidental glance more »

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My gentleman and I have been friends and lovers for six years, the basis of our relationship is the solid friendship we share. Until Yesterday. When he asked me during a time when I was missing last year, how many times did I have sex. I am legally blind, have diagnosed PTSD, and am dependent more »

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this is what domestic violence is all about

tonight I saw two documentaries on domestic violence and it saddens me and it made my emotions escape and the pain that I carry deeply in my heart. Emotions feelings that are hidden buried deeply are then pathologiesed by the professionals as not emotionally regulated person when in fact I ve been trying hard to more »

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Follow up to – you blamed the wrong person

Follow up to my post earlier this year. http://everydayvictimblaming.com/personal-experiences/you-blamed-the-wrong-person/ I decided to fight back. My company sacked me in May. He was never even suspended, despite admitting sending me a picture of his erection. My employer said that is not sexual harassment as he said I asked for it. Financially it has almost destroyed me more »


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