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September, 2016

All victims need to be rescued

I had toxic parents. Once i saw a live video of a coach. She was talking about raising children.I loved what she said. She seemed like a safe person to approach. Yesterday she did another video. In it,she was totally against the idea of rescuing victims. I contradicted her. I wrote about how hard my more »

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I Think It Was Rape (content note)

I had recently got in contact with a past friend. This event occurred today, Monday September 19th. The past friend told me to come over. I was, of course, hesitant. But reluctantly I went over to his house. We were in his room, he lied on the bed while I awkwardly sat on his couch. more »

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MPs call for end to abusive men using courts against families, by Sandra Laville

The government must carry out a full review of family courts to stop them being used by violent men to perpetuate abuse against their partners and children, MPs have said. … MPs were debating research by Women’s Aid which revealed that between 2005 and 2015, 19 children in 12 families were killed by violent fathers who had more »

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I got raped again and my boyfriend doesn’t care cause he says it’s my fault

So I’ve already been raped before, when I was little by my babysitter and her boyfriend on multiple occasions. I just recently met back up with an old friend who I thought I was pretty close with. First time we hung out again was a lot of fun, he was talking about their being chemistry more »

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Whatever she says, Theresa May has failed victims of domestic violence – Sarah Champion

On Wednesday at PMQs Theresa May claimed that this government has a “very good record on domestic violence”. I’m not certain what record she is referring to, but it’s not one that I recognise. In the United Kingdom, on average, two women are killed by their current partner or a former partner every week. Children lose their mother, more »

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I’m sick of living in a culture that tolerates violence against women by Joan Smith

It’s always there, isn’t it? Most of us don’t like it, but what can we actually do about gender-based violence? Sure, the figures are terrible – violent crimes against women in England and Wales reached record levels last year – but they’ve been going up for ages. Rape and domestic violence are the new poor, more »

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Intimate Partner and Domestic Violence Homicides*: Sex Differences April 2012 – March 2015 (3 years)

Domestic Homicide or Intimate Partner Homicide? The ONS defines domestic homicide as including the following: spouse, cohabiting partner, boyfriends/girlfriend, ex-spouse/ex-co-habiting partner, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, adulterous relationship, lover’s spouse and emotional-rival as well as son/daughter, parent (including step and adopted relationships), which is broader than the generally understood partner or ex-partner to more closely align with the government definition of more »

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Rape Culture Is Surveillance Culture by @Scaachi

…. Often, people seem to describe rape as an unfortunate accident, two drunk bodies colliding: It’s more about miscommunication than intentionally ignoring a lack of consent, or actively seeking a body and mind that can’t say no. Rape culture doesn’t flourish by error. It’s a methodical operation so ingrained in our public consciousness, we don’t more »

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In the News (5.9.16)

Brock Turner to be released from jail after serving half of six-month sentence in Stanford sexual assault case by Matt Hamilton Former Stanford University student Brock Turner, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman and sentenced to six months in jail — a penalty criticized for its leniency — is scheduled to be released from jail Friday, more »

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