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July, 2016

In the News (18.7.16)

Oscar Pistorius sentence: an homage to celebrity and white privilege by Ranjeni Munusamy Faced with the prospect of a 15-year prison sentence for murder, few people would opt to tell their life story in a lengthy interview with an international television station. Then again, most of us do not lead such exceptional lives. Most of us do more »

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In the News 27.6 – 4.7

Why Germans Are So Angry About This Rape Case by Anna Silman As the Stanford rape case has sparked a flurry of debate over the way U.S. courts fail to punish rapists, in Germany, another case is igniting a movement to reform Germany’s retrograde sexual-assault laws. German model and reality-TV star Gina-Lisa Lohfink claimed that two men drugged and more »

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