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June, 2016

The murder of Jo Cox

Jo Cox, the Laboour MP for Batley and Spen, is the 57th woman to be murdered in the UK in 2016 by a male perpetrator. Whilst the police have yet to confirm the name of the perpetrator, named as Thomas Mair by the media, or eyewitness accounts of Mair shouting ‘Britain First’, what we do know is more »

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Husband shames me for sexual assault but claims he doesn’t (content note for depiction of rape)

I requested to meet with a union official to discuss some issues and to socialize. We were supposed to only casually drink, but he was drinking straight hard alcohol. Soon enough he began touching me a lot and making a clear indication of his sexual motive. I kept pushing him away and freezing up every more »

The sentencing of Brock Turner is rape culture, but there is another issue at stake.

Brock Turner was “convicted of 3 felonies, including assault with intent to rape”. Despite the tariff for these felonies being a maximum of 14 years, Brock was only sentenced to 6 months in county jail and will be on the sexual offenders list for life. The judge Aaron Persky “said said positive character references and lack more »

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