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March, 2016

“Why doesn’t she just leave?” 5 subtle ways women are blamed for experiencing domestic abuse

This article is cross-posted with permission from writer Woman as Subject. Having worked with survivors of domestic abuse for many years, I am still shocked at the way in which society continues to blame women for the violence and abuse they suffer at the hands of men. This tendency to minimise or justify male violence more »

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What I wish I’d known before testifying in the Ghomeshi trial

We have followed the case of Jian Ghomeshi since the first accusations of violence were made public. As with many organisations who work in the field of violence against women and girls, our heart sank as the trial began. Every myth and misunderstanding about how perpetrators of violence (sexual and domestic) was rolled out by more »

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Is it legal to reveal the identity of child victims of sexual abuse?

We were sent a link to this post by Media Diversified: Is it legal to reveal the identity of child victims of sexual abuse? which questions the publication of images of child victims of sexual violence in Kenya by Buzzfeed covering the story of a young Australian woman who used the photos to raise funds for them more »

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Defining Consent: The Case of Jennifer Staines

We have seen a number of discussions of the case of Jennifer Staines, 23, who was convicted of sexual assault by deception by creating a fake social media presence as a man and pursuing sexual relationships with three girls. We have seen numerous discussions refer to this case as ‘sex by deception’, despite the fact that more »

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Man sentenced to jail on weekends for violent sexual assault

Mitchell Leeander Goodwin has been convicted of sexual assault* in Nova Scotia, Canada. The assault took place all night and Goodwin told the victim “you look like someone who just got raped”. Despite the fact that Goodwin committed rape and then taunted his victim, the prosecutor and the defence recommended that Goodwin serve only 90 days more »

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As a sociologist the contexts in which events take place have always been a touchstone in my thinking.  With respect to violence against women and girls one of the earliest insights from feminist research was the challenge the notion of the home/family as a safe place, a ‘haven in a heartless world’.  The family turned more »

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Boyfriend believes I carry some blame, what to do?

My boyfriend is wonderful. I have been with him for nearly 2 years, and I’m beyond grateful to have him in my life. He’s everything I could want: kind, extremely hard-working, brave, sticks to his word no matter what, supportive and open-minded, admits when he is wrong, keeps every commitment he ever makes (a point more »

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