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January, 2016

I was blamed for his violence

When I was a teenager in the 2000s my mothers’ boyfriend lived with us and emotionally abused me for 3 years. One night he tried to physically attack me (his friends had to hold him back). After this I insisted that he leave the house, which happened. Although it was over, my mother could never more »

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Soldier who committed domestic violence given suspended sentence due to his ‘promotion prospects’

Ceiron Hack has a history of domestic violence. In July of 2015, after Ceiron made the choice to punch the television following an argument, his wife Brooke phoned Ceiron’s parents for support. They drove 300 miles. They drove 300 miles because Ceiron has form for head-butting and punching Brooke. Ceiron returned home at 2 am. more »

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When therapy goes too far

Sometimes,mental health “professionals” also practice victim blaming.After my father hit me,i did everything in my power to expose him.That led to my first experience in therapy.I went to his office with huge expectations.I wanted not only emotional support and validation,i also needed practical help.Being a case of domestic violence,the doctor was supposed to report my more »


.@BristolPost call child sexual abuse a “sex romp”

The Bristol Post have joined the Bath Chronicle in referring to the sexual abuse of a child as a “sex romp”. Despite the fact that John Harrasin-Worgan had pled “guilty to three charges of having sexual activity with a child … (and) causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity”, the Bristol Post thinks more »

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Dear @CourtNewsUK : child sexual abuse is not “kinky sex”

  Doug Richard is on trial in relation to a sexual offence relating to a 13 year old child. He is charged with “three counts of sexual activity with a child, one of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and a charge of paying a child for sexual services”. You would not more »

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A master class in how not to write about the sexual abuse of a child by @BathChron

The Bath Chronicle’s new article on a 21 year old man who is on trial for ‘having sex’ with a 14 year old is a master class in how not to write about sexual abuse: Man admits two-day sex sessions with girlfriend teenager, says age of consent law is “ridiculous” Harrasin-Worgan can claim the age more »

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I’m not angry, I’m just hurt. (content not for sexual assault)

How could you abuse me like that. I can’t even get my head around it. You have left me with a heavy heart. The worst thing is that I still don’t hate you.. First a man and now you, a woman. I can’t believe you’d hurt me like that. And I still don’t know what more »

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Child First: Safe Child Contact Saves Lives

We fully support the new campaign by Women’s Aid called Child First: Safe Child Contact Saves Lives, which calls on the Government, family court judiciary, Child and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), and other involved services to make child contact safer for women and children. The report Nineteen Child Homicides, which details serious crime more »

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will life ever be different bullying escalating and will i be free hope so.

This weekend when to my children’s old respite foster carers for a visit. I have to move my children’s school out of the area because the bullying has got worse. I was discussing with them the bullying and behaviour of the local authority they work for as respite foster cares. They often have not seen more »

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Violence against women is not just a matter of drink

SOME people might think that reducing the alcohol guidance limit for men would be a positive factor in reducing instances of violence against women. That would certainly fit nicely in with the myth that alcohol itself acts as a personality-altering substance that turns otherwise normal men into violent abusers. It doesn’t, and we need to more »

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