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December, 2015

Vote for the Worst Police ‘Safety’ Campaign of 2015

Vote for the Worst Police Safety Campaign on survey monkey! We’re running this campaign to raise awareness of the ubiquity of misleading and victim blaming police ‘safety’ campaigns. We’d love your feedback on the individual campaigns and posters as we will be feeding the comments back to the relevant police authorities. These campaigns don’t exist more »

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West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) utterly irresponsible domestic violence campaign

We were sent this tweet today:   It’s safe to say we were utterly appalled by this poster, which demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the gendered dynamics of domestic violence and abuse (DVA), how perpetrators work, and insists the victim (almost always the mother) is equally culpable for the impact as the perpetrator. This more »

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Domestic abuse: Police ‘nearly overwhelmed’ by increase

Where to start on this? The refusal to mention the perpetrators, which makes it sound like victims are creating this problem themselves? The fact that the police are posited as the victims here – feeling “overwhelmed” and finding the workload “excessive”? Or the fact that once again we’re supposed to celebrate when reported violence against more »

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Justin Bieber and the small issue of stalking and harassment

Justin Bieber recently made the decision to repost the selfie of a young woman with the caption “Omg who is this!!”. Needless to say, his 50 million followers found her. Think Progress has written a very good article on this incident that we highly recommend:   The girl is a private citizen. But thanks to Bieber, more »

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Officer Daniel Holtzclaw has been found guilty of rape.

We were very pleased to see a jury conviction in the trial of police officer Daniel Holtzclaw this week. We have been following the case since we first came across coverage in the online media For Harriet in September 2014. As with many activists, we did not believe that Holtzclaw, a white police officer, would more »

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.@nbcchicago You mean child sexual abuse, not ‘sex acts’.

Another day, another appalling headline in the media: ‘Worst of the Worst’: Ex-Pediatric Nurse Sentenced to 80 Years for Sex Acts with Infants This time from NBC Chicago. Michael Lutts pled guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of distributing images of children being sexually abuse. He also “admitted more »

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Dear @Independent, Nicki Minaj is not responsible for the actions of her brother. Name him.

Jelani Minaj has been charged with first degree rape and first degree course of sexual conduct against a 12 year old child in Nassau. He is currently on bail having posted the requisite $100 000 The Independent not only fails to mention Jelani Minaj in their tweet, they don’t even name Jelani Minaj until the more »

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