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December, 2015

Do we create our own reality? Really?

A woman is walking down the street and she is raped. Somebody told me that she created her own reality. According to that person,she attracted that type of man because she had a victim mentality,so men could see from a distance that she was an easy prey. To me personally, this statement seems very wrong, more »

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Bedford Police #rightchoice campaign holds victims responsible for domestic violence

Bedford police are running a ‘prevention’ campaign for both domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We’ve previously written on how their #rightchoice campaign blames victims of sexual violence and abuse for making ‘bad choices’ whilst erasing the perpetrator. Bedford Police are also blaming victims of domestic violence and abuse for the choices of the perpetrator. more »

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Family Courts and DV

I have wanted to speak out and be part a big change in the local government ways of handling family disputes out regarding dv. Through the Family courts. I am currently a Victim being blamed for issues when my child sees their abusive dad. Cafcass are pro – dad and even part of some children’s more »

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Bedfordshire Police (@bedspolice) blame victims of rape for not making the #rightchoice

  We can’t quite work out if this poster is the quintessential example of misogyny we’ve seen this year, seriously stupid or both.  There are two ways to read this poster: The man at the back is the rapist who has all the sad feelz before being held accountable for being a rapist. The man more »

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South Yorkshire Police (@syptweet) conflate rape with eating too much chocolate

Three days ago, we started a survey asking people to comment on the 5 worst offenders we’ve seen in police ‘safety’ campaigns. Clearly, we started the survey too early as our twitter feed contained contributions from Bedfordshire police and the following from South York Police using the #noregrets hashtag. These are actual tweets using the #noregrets more »

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Daniel Holtzclaw: former Oklahoma City police officer guilty of rape by Molly Redden

The women were teenagers and grandmothers. Most were living on the margins. All of them were black. And during a month-long trial that became a symbol of police predation, they formed a bleak parade of 13 witnesses who accused a former Oklahoma City officer of using his badge to coerce sex acts and rape. On Thursday, after more »

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