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November, 2015

An abusive man

I was sexually assaulted by an ex boyfriend. It happened 2 times. I had never experienced something like that before so I didn t even know it was possible. After all we were planning to get married, and when i was starting to back out he started getting all sweet at first, then manipulative and more »

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16 Days of Activism: What you can do to support women’s services!

These are just a few of the ways that you can support women’s services during the 16 Days of Activism to Eliminate Male Violence against Women and Girls. Donate £1 to a specialist women’s service like the national organisations Rape Crisis, Women’s Aid, or Refuge. Donate £1 to your local service providers supporting women who are more »

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25 November: UN Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

25 November is designated as the UN day for the eradication of violence against women. But what is the significance of this date and why is it often marked with butterfly logos? On 25 November, 1960; three young women and political activists from the Dominican Republic, known as the Mirabal Sisters, were killed, it is more »

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Men who kill partners likely to serve less time than those who kill strangers: study

This article by Colin Perkel was published on November 22, 2015 by CTV News   TORONTO — Men who kill their female partners are more likely to be criminally convicted than men accused of killing strangers — but they also tend to get lighter sentences, a Canadian study concludes. The research, being published in the more »

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Sexual assault survivor who was victim blamed by a close friend. Need some advice please/

Hi, I’m a sexual assault survivor. I won’t go into details. But you’ll all be glad to know that I’m on the mend and have made use of the local rape crisis centre. They were all so lovely and understanding. Finally what brings me here is that a ‘close friend’ victim blamed me by asking more »


Women only matter as possessions of important men.

This is just a sample of some of the appalling misrepresentations of male violence sent to us this week.   Here we have Court News UK reinforcing the belief that violence against women only matters if the woman is a possession of an important or wealthy male:  Note that Court News implies that Fiona Brenninkmeyer more »

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Victim-blaming as daytime entertainment on The Jeremy Kyle Show

I am a writer. I like to have the TV or radio on in the background as I write. This morning (12/11/15), I turned on my TV and was poised to start writing when I realised that The Jeremy Kyle show on. I was about to turn the channel over when I heard something in more »

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.@BBCthree response to our complaint about #sexontrial – complete with victim blaming.

This is the response from the BBC to our complaint about the program Is this rape? Sex on Trial. The limit on characters means we cannot put in a proper evidenced complaint. We will be raising this issue further, but we encourage everyone to send in formal complaints so that the BBC understands the breadth more »

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We’re raising money to build a better & more secure website!

Go Fund Me We are raising funds to redevelop our website to increase security, as well as improve our ability to campaign against media misrepresenations of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We have put a total of £3000 on the fundraiser to cover any miscellaneous expenses. We do not expect the redevelopment to cost more »

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