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August, 2015

Rape alarms won’t protect women from rape.

In response to the rape of a woman in her apartment complex, student Rebecca Pick has designed a rape alarm: simple electronic device that uses a mobile phone to alert police to the exact spot of an ongoing attack. It also turns the phone into a recording device that gathers evidence for later use in more »

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“1 year old pet servived being shot in the mouth

I saw an article today that I clicked on because I thought another example of Male Violence a man shooting a dog in the face. But when I read the article I was stunned. The headline “Dog survives being shot at point blank range” It said their was an “argument” between a woman had her more »

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Too scared to say this to your face!!

So i guess i may as well start with this evening, im at home, front door bolted, back door bolted, all the windows locked, (even though its a warm evening) and im still worried….. why worry you may be thinking, surely your fine, locked up in the house, nothing can hurt you right? (WRONG) Today more »

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A Call to Men & the failure to understand perpetrators

This apology was recently given by the two founders of the organisation A Call to Men in response to an interview they gave with ESPN suggesting that Ray Rice committed a ‘mistake’ when the physically assaulted his then partner rendering her unconscious and dragging her out of a lift by her hair: Our Deepest Apology: more »

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‘In the public interest.’ Victims deserve public interest too.

‘In the Public Interest’ How can I articulate the revulsion of not being able to communicate the trauma he caused me? I am Alice in Wonderland where nothing makes sense and the world around me is a different film where everyone else understands the plot, they have control over their character, they are safe, they more »

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Jeremy Corbyn and the women-only train paradox

We don’t support any single political party. In fact, none come close to meeting our standards on policies to end violence against women and girls. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats decimated women’s services, made it more difficult to access child maintenance, and removed many safety nets to ending poverty. Current Conservative policies engage in flagrant more »

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Ministry of Justice: More worried about perpetrators of “Revenge Porn” than victims

Channel 4 recently aired a documentary on the criminal act of releasing intimate images without consent (revenge porn). During the broadcast, the Ministry of Justice helpfully tweeted out this poster:   We’re going out on a limb and assuming that the MOJ didn’t bother to consult with a single expert from the women’s sector since more »

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next of kin

he screamed down into my face to eat it all, I had been given the most peas on my plate. they were vile and I threw them all back up again. when he went to buy a house a week later his friend ivor bullied me into lying on his bed face down with my more »

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Raped by Mr Floppy (content note)

VERY GRAPHIC. There are a lot of myths about rape and even more about when the rapist is your husband. What about if that husband has erectile dysfunction? That is exactly what happened to me and on more than one occasion I have been met with disbelief. How is it possible? To highlight this and more »

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A How Not To Guide on Teaching Children about Internet Safety

The video ‘The Dangers of Social Media” by Coby Persin has gone viral with 29 million hits. Supposedly, this video was created to teach parents how easy it is for a pedophile to groom a teenage girl. Instead, it’s a how to manual on publicly shaming and blaming three teenage girls. We won’t be linking more »

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