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July, 2015

Media misrepresentations of sexual violence: The BBC

The BBC is a frequent offender in the category: media misrepresentations of sexual violence. They seem incapable of using the correct terms for child sexual violence and child rape by constantly referring to ‘sex acts’. Today’s offensive article is: Teachers Daniel Cochrane and Andrew Green banned for sex acts with girl. Cochrane and Green were more »

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Things which constitute assault: drugging your girlfriend

A man in Germany has been given a 500 Euro fine for drugging his girlfriend’s tea so he could play video games all night. This is what male entitlement looks like: believing you have the right to assault your girlfriend so you can play video games all night and then only receiving a 500 Euro more »


The faceless woman

I want to raise the issue of the visual imagery that newspapers and websites use for articles about rape. I have just read this article on the Telegraph website: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11729476/Sex-Why-I-was-celibate-for-5-years.html?placement=CB1 It isn’t specifically about rape, but it does refer to the fact that the female subject, and author of the article, is a rape survivor. more »

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Gender is all too relevant in violence statistics

We fully endorse this open letter to Alison Saunders of the Crown Prosecution Services. Violence against women and girls is one of the biggest human rights abuses globally. Far too often this reality is subsumed under meaningless statistics which erase the perpetrators, who are almost always male, and assume that men and women are equally more »

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Domestic Violence ends with the murder of an infant

Police in Connecticut are currently searching the Connecticut River for the body of 7 month old Aaden after his father, Tony Moreno, jumped from the Arrigoni Bridge late Saturday night. Moreno survived after his family members told police that he was threatening suicide. The first article we saw on NBC  did not include details other than more »

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