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July, 2015

Roll up, roll up and gawp at Jack’s victims

Yesterday, the local news reported that another young woman had been fatally stabbed in my home city of Bristol. Today, another local news source – this time in East London – reported another story about violence against women and girls. Except this time, it’s a story that celebrates? commemorates? explores as a historical curiosity? one of those more »


We’ve reported @ fucktyler for inciting harassment and threats of violence.

The feminist campaign Collective Shout have been campaigning to have the Australian government deny a visa to rapper Tyler, The Creator whose misogynistic lyrics advocate rape and the abuse of women. Yesterday, Tyler tweeted out this message: Since then Coralie Alison, director of Collective Shout, has received a barrage of abusive, threatening tweets which constitute more »

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Dapper Laughs & the demand to be “educated” about rape culture

‘Comedian’ Dapper has decided his perpetration of rape culture is the fault of the people holding him accountable. This is what we at EVB like to call male entitlement: the belief that others are responsible for your actions and that they should have ‘educated’ you better. If only women, and we need to be clear more »

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male violence explained by my boss

I work in a hotel as a receptionist and a man yesterday hit the women he was with, with the back of his hand after an argument and walked off in the lobby. Police we called the and he was arrested. I said to my manager “I hope she can get away from him its more »

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i was raped and my boyfriend blames me

Me and my former friend have been friends for about five years when this happened at the end of last year. We were really close friends actually, we had two other mutual female friends (whom introduced me to him) we always hung out with. He was one of the sweetest guys i thought. WE WERE more »

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Raping a child and again as an adult being blamed for both

As a child you come into this world beautiful and pure. Growing up in an abusive family you learn albeit negative behaviours that you are taught from the people who abuse you. Your world is tainted and it’s hard to see beauty in the world around you and from other people. Your world becomes fog more »

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Rape is never a “victimless crime”

Magnus Meyer Hustveit has received a seven year suspended sentence for repeatedly raping his ex-partner whilst she was sleeping for more than a year having pled guilty to one count of rape and one count of sexual assault. Hustveit thought it was a “victimless crime” because his partner was asleep at the time. The judge, more »

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Richard Dawkins, Julian Assange and the case of the missing dictionary

  Richard Dawkins seems to have misplaced his dictionary in this recent tweet to Julian Assange. Dawkins has confused the word ‘confined” with “chosen to hide out in the Ecuadorian embassy rather than be held legally accountable for his own behaviour”. Here at EVB, we like to refer to both Assange and Dawkins as rape more »

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