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June, 2015

The Metro conflates child rape with an affair

We will be writing a formal complaint to the Metro about this article which conflates child rape with having an “affair”. Dominique Cottrez was raped multiple times by her father, starting at the age of 8. She became pregnant by rape on 8 separate occasions and suffocated the infants. This was not an “affair” nor more »

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Stranger rape may be rare but they are not ‘one-off’ incidents

A young woman in Berkshire was raped by a stranger early on Sunday morning. Rapes perpetrated by men unknown to the victim are the least common form of rape. However, Det Insp Christina Berenger was wrong when she stated  “This appears to be a one-off incident in which the offender managed to persuade the woman more »

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Verbal abuse, emotional rape (content note)

You presented yourself as a pure and innocent person. You did a really good job of making everyone feel sorry for you. I took care of you, I loved you and I thought you loved me too. You made me feel so good and special about myself. I used to trust you unconditionally. Before I more »

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Boyfriend believe rape was my fault

My boyfriend broke up with me and I was really lost and depressed. I was going out a lot with friends or family to keep myself distracted. One of my girlfriends was very happy I was single and took me under her wing. I knew she wasnt a great friend I could rely on but more »

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Blamed in online forum

I recently came forward about my experience with sexual harassment, among other things, in an online forum. All the commenters were male and they blamed it all in me by saying I was too sensitive, it’s probably all my imagination, I should give people 2nd chances, ect. One person even said I a manipulator by more »

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.@TheAge neglects some crucial information in headline: murder

Australian Andrew Klaussner, 40 has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for strangling partner  Elizabeth Barnes, 39, on September 26, 2013. You would not realize that Klaussner committed murder  from the original title and tweets used by The Age who went with this headline: Klaussner killed Barnes. He then left her body lying on more »

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Lost without translation

(cross-posted with permission from Language: A Feminist Guide) In Melbourne in 2007, Marzieh Rahimi, a 33-year Dari-speaking woman who had come to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan, was killed by her husband Soltan Azizi. He had a history of violence towards her, and before her death she had made two calls to the emergency services. But more »

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