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April, 2015

Katie Hopkins & the need for an independent media complaints commission

We were absolutely horrified by the racist rant written by Katie Hopkins but published in the Sun. This article should never have been published. A responsible media would not have published an article likening migrants to cockroaches and referring to them as a “plague of feral humans”*. Frankly, a responsible media wouldn’t publish most of more »

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Nightmare Dystopian Present (Why Lionel Shriver Is Wrong About Rape)

It pains me to have to write this. I’m going to criticise Lionel Shriver, the author of We need to talk about Kevin, which is possibly my favourite book. It is brilliant. It is a literary tour de force. And yet Shriver, whose skills of perception and analysis of human emotion, dysfunction and motivation, verge more »

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Man Kills Wife but it’s not his fault

John Knott killed his wife Ann and then committed suicide. According to the Daily Mail, Knott is not responsible for killing his wife due to ‘gipsies’. Apparently, the mere presence of travellers near their expensive house forced a “loving husband” to kill his wife. The Daily Mail outdid itself with misogyny and racism in this more »

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George Galloway makes his position on VAWG clear:

By labelling his opponent Naz Shah a liar. Naz Shah has spoken publicly, on numerous occasions, about her experience of forced marriage and the domestic and sexual violence and abuse she lived with daily. The response Shah has received demonstrates why so many women and children never speak publicly about their abuse. They are labeled more »

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