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March, 2015

Suspects being investigated for rape and other forms of sexual violence do not require anonymity

Each year in England and Wales 85 000 women and 12 000 men are raped.[1] We know that only 10 -15 % of victims report to the police due to “shame, prejudicial media reporting and mistrust in the criminal justice process”.[2] We also know that rape trials have the lowest conviction rate of any crime more »

Besotted vs Controlling

The Northern Echo published an article on March 15th with the headline “Besotted Darlington man behind bars after terrifying campaign against partner” The article was promptly challenged by Professor Nicole Westmarland who asked them to change the word ‘besotted’ to ‘controlling’. The online edition was updated very quickly. They also added a link to Women’s more »

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In the Know Campaign: why clarity is essential in rape campaigns

The “In the Know Campaign” is a very important campaign about rape which focuses on perpetrators and the legal definitions of consent. Personally, I’m not a fan of any campaign which suggests that men don’t understand consent – it’s not that men don’t understand, it’s just that they don’t think it applies to them. Men are more »

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.@StaffsPolice undermine their rape campaign with 1 victim-blaming tweet

  Staffordshire Police tweeted this out late last night:    This is the reality of victim blaming in the UK: even the police focus on the victim’s behaviour whilst erasing the perpetrator. Suggesting that women are ‘safer’ by being walked home by a man (and it’s clear that they mean a man) demonstrates a complete more »

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Australian Judge rules that an act of rape of a 9 yr old did was not a violent act. (content note)

This is a response to an article in the Queensland Times “Ipswich man jailed after filming himself raping daughter” As Ending Victim Blaming recently published in “Victim blaming by legal professionals; why the English courtroom is unfit for women and children” Judges are not giving rulings and sentences that reflect the severity of the offenses. more »

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“Brave victim speaks as vile York rapists are jailed. She says “I’m a survivor” and urges other victims to come forward”

*Trigger Warning* Rape; victim blaming “Brave victim speaks as vile York rapists are jailed. She says “I’m a survivor” and urges other victims to come forward” My friend sent me a link to an article the other day that infuriated her. It had the same effect on me too. Now that I am a little more »

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“Mr Andrews now realises, in hindsight, that his actions were inappropriate and misguided.”

According to the Hull Daily Mail, former Humberside Police chief superintendent Colin Andrews was recently: “convicted by a jury of witness intimidation, aggravated stalking, harassment and assault in January following a six-week trial at Manchester Crown Court. He was cleared of further charges of rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and another assault.”. The public apology, more »

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Victim blaming by legal professionals; why the English courtroom is unfit for women and children

This is an open letter to the Attorney General written by a supporter of our campaign. They will be sending a copy of this letter to the AG’s office in one week. If you would like to sign your name to the letter, please write it in the comments under the post. You can also more »

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Our campaign demands for the General Election

These are the 6 issues we will be raising with the various political parties and our individual MPs. Some of these issues will be easy to implement – such as the insistence that no woman ever be denied support due to migration status – others requirement serious commitment by political parties to ending male violence more »

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That “blue & black” dress and domestic violence awareness campaigns

We have quite serious concerns about the use of this meme to “raise awareness” of domestic violence. Firstly, what are the outcomes of “raising awareness”. The statistics of domestic violence are well known: 1 in 4 women in the UK experience it during their lifetime and 2 women are killed every week by current or more »

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