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January, 2015

Man kills woman. Media blame woman. Police remain baffled.

Andrew Davies stabbed his wife, Yvonne, to death in Stockport over the weekend. He then killed himself. The Manchester Evening News, who have form for victim blaming and a failure to follow the NUJ guidelines on reporting violence against women and girls, have managed to publish an article which blames the victim for emasculating her more »

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Draft letter to complain to Attorney General about Stuart Kerner ***UPDATE***

UPDATE:  The Attorney General’s Office has announced they will review Stuart Kerner’s sentence as unduly lenient. The decision will be published on February 11. We also chose to make a formal complaint against the judge for their inappropriate victim blaming comments that demonstrated a clear lack of understanding of child sexual exploitation and grooming. You can more »

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Girl, 15, kills brother. Police are baffled.

A 15 year old girl and her 11 year old sister have been arrested in the state of Florida for the fatal shooting of their brother who was sixteen. This is one of the first statements from the police: “It’s hard for us to get our arms around this act,” Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter more »

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Blame shifting headline following Jeremy Jackson’s sexual assault of Chloe Goodman

The following headline appeared in the Independent on Sunday 11th January 2015: Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jeremy Jackson removed following Chloe Goodman incident This headline clearly shifts the blame of Jeremy Jackson’s sexual assault of Chloe Goodman by referring to it as ‘Chloe Goodman incident’.  Nowhere in this article does it mention the words ‘sexual more »

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Celebrity Big Brother: Sexual assault is not an “explosive drama”

We are pleased to see Celebrity Big Brother remove Jeremy Jackson from the house following his sexual assault of Chloe Goodman. We were less than pleased to see Celebrity Big Brother frame the assault as an “explosive drama”. Sexual assault is not an “explosive drama”. It is a crime and should be treated as such. more »

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We support Ann Coffey’s amendments to remove the term ‘child prostitute’ from legislation

We are very pleased to see Ann Coffey, MP for Stockport, tabling amendements to the Serious Crime Bill which would see the term ‘child prostitute’ removed from legislation. We have been campaigning to see the removal of the term from language for several years now. The term ‘child prostitute’ suggests consent – that the child made an more »

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