Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

August, 2014

Yes, I’m angry, but that doesn’t make me illogical: On victim-blaming

(This piece was originally published at Reading Medieval Books) Today – when I should have been looking for a house to rent for my new job – I read an article in the Guardian by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett on the subject of victim blaming. It was provocatively titled “Have accusations of rape victim blaming gone too far?”. As more »

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The Law Is Failing Victims of Domestic Violence by Rhea Gargour

(Originally published by the Huffington Post) Our criminal justice system is currently failing victims of domestic violence. There are substantial gaps in the law that allow abusers to evade justice and enforce the view that unless there are bruises, the perpetrator hasn’t done anything wrong. The patterns of abuse which include psychological abuse and coercive more »