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July, 2014

Andrew Gimson on the Conservative Home website responds to David Ruffley standing down – apparently assaulting your partner is like eloping with her.

http://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2014/07/once-the-deans-letter-was-published-ruffleys-resignation-was-inevitable.html Andrew Gimson is indignant that David Ruffley has been forced to stand down at the next election. In a lengthy article, he expresses this indignation by, initially, comparing the events since March to an Anthony Trollope novel. Gimson is full of praise for Ruffley, of how his friends find him a tremendously enjoyable man more »

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On @RichardDawkins – The Religion of Logic As Used to Erase Victims Experience

Richard Dawkins believes that the severity of individual cases of rape and abuse can be gradated, and he doesn’t like people to point out to him that there are many reasons why he is wrong about that. He has clearly been mulling on this for some time, because this morning he took to twitter with more »

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*Press Release* The Campaign Asking David Ruffley to Resign from Parliament

We are continuing in our campaign, started by Rev. Frances Ward and the Fawcett Society of Bury St. Edmunds, asking David Ruffley to resign from parliament following his caution for common assault against a former partner in March of this year. Standing down from election next year is simply not sufficient. Domestic violence is a serious more »

Local man defends David Ruffley MP – with more victim blaming

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p023rgg6 On the Jeremy Vine show, Mr Bernard Sergeant, local resident and Conservative party member , defended his MP David Ruffley with the following words: All this happened behind closed doors. This wasn’t a “thing” that just “happened”. David Ruffley assaulted his ex-partner. He did this “thing”. People do many things behind closed doors, including more »

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*Petition* David Ruffley must resign as MP following his caution for domestic violence

David Ruffley, MP, admitted this week that he has been given a police caution for common assault on a former partner, yet he continues to serve as an MP. Ruffley has made a formal statement, through his lawyers, concluding with the final sentence: “I wish to stress that I would never condone domestic violence under more »

MP says he “regrets” assault while implying it wasn’t DV

With the headline Tory MP David Ruffley speaks of assault ‘regret’ , the BBC produces an article that buys into multiple myths about domestic abuse, in particular by giving full voice to the abuser but no voice to the victim. Conservative MP David Ruffley has said he “deeply regrets” actions that led to a police more »


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