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May, 2014

They Love It When We Beg

They Love It When You Beg. This morning I clicked on a link on BBC News and my jaw dropped. It actually dropped to the duvet. This is the piece. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27497764 It is full of victim-blaming. The Government or as I like to call them the ‘Men Who Care Nothing For Women’, are about to more »

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We need to talk about men’s violence.

I’m feeling thoroughly disheartened at the moment. A year into this campaign and change is grindingly and appallingly slow. It set me thinking about why this might be – we know our work is valuable; we’ve generated an enormous amount of support to confirm this. My question is – what is stopping us (as campaigners), more »

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Saturday’s Sun Newspaper

The front page of The Sun is “Emmerdale Star Rape Quiz” next to Kerry Katona 5 weeks post baby showing off her “fat” in a bikini and selling their diet regime, a family day out offer and a free pint. Inside the story gets even worse. I have Sun+ access as I’m a member of more »

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