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April, 2014

Relationship Expert: Ladies, Want a Stalker?

In his book, titled “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” (What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man, self-styled “Life & Relationship Coach” Cheyenne Bostock aka Chey B writes “when a person shows you who they are, believe them.” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, that’s the reason for this post. Unbeknown to more »

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It’s hard enough for women to report sexual abuse without the system letting them down

This article was originally published on The Conversation. By Ian Cummins, University of Salford The recent publication of a serious case review into the suicide of Frances Andrade reveals how difficult it is for a sexual assault victim to stand and testify against an accuser in court. Keir Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions, more »

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Rape and domestic violence brushed aside with eight easy words

Police and media report that “crime falls“ in London while reports of rape increase by 31% and domestic violence rises Of course, lowered crime statistics are worth reporting. But what is very disconcerting is when rape has statistically increased by almost a third, domestic violence statistics are also rising, and not only is that not more »

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Three cheers for the reduction in Violent Crime! Hip Hip…Oh. Wait.

“Violent crime in England and Wales falls again, A&E data shows” the BBC reports on its News Headlines page today. “Survey shows a fall in violent crime”, shouts The Telegraph. We noted an absence of any mention of crimes specifically impacting women in these media reports – no surprise there, we often find when discussing more »

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An Open Response to Shecky Magazine: On Everyday Victim Blaming & Rape Culture in Comedy by @thebobbieoliver

This post was first published here. Thank you to Bobbie Oliver for allowing us to cross-post it. A few nights ago about 3am, I was bored and started googling myself. When I was done, I Googled myself. On page 18 of the Google search (I’m persistent when I’m high), I ran across a link to Shecky more »

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Sexual Violence: Taking control of a person’s emotional, mental, and physical person by not only the perpetrator but by society

Violence is utilized to control another through physical force. It is and can be either verbal or physical. It can be a “one time” situation or a long term situation. In the long term situations it is often the battered intimate partners, children, or significant family member who becomes the victims. The perpetrator utilizes physical more »

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Holding our politicians accountable

This week, Cheltenham Borough councillor Barbara Driver has stepped down after using the phrase: “(t)here is a saying and I’m going to say it: When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” in reference to a new housing development. This misuse of language by politicians is not unusual. Victim blaming is. Eric Pickles allegedly told a survivor of child more »

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Anonymity for rape defendants – bad idea in 1975, 2010 and now

Anonymity for rape defendants is a bad idea that benefits one key group of people – rapists. (originally published in 2013 here) It was a bad idea in 1975, when it was how rape cases were conducted. In 1975, lest we forget, men still had the legal right to rape their wives (they had this more »

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