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January, 2014

‘Abusive relationship’. When did this become a thing?

Last time I checked, abuse was actually about an abusive person choosing to behave abusively, in the context of a relationship. Unless the whole dynamic of domestic abuse has changed and nobody told me, it’s not actually possible for a relationship to be abusive, only a person. Abuse is a choice, made by one person, more »


Dear child eyes UK campaign

You really should listen when someone tells you what you’re doing is triggering people, So, on Sunday, kids arguing over a game of minecraft, husband telling me some office based anecdote I’ve heard a gazillion times, I click on the twitter app, and half switch off. We all know twitter’s a funny old place at more »

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Child Eyes UK: Some More Concerns

Last night, I submitted a piece detailing my concerns about the campaign group Child Eyes UK and their use of the tag #rapemags because I felt it was a sensationalising way of raising awareness of their campaign victory. The campaign itself is important: the removal of lads mags which objectify women and women’s magazines, like more »

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#endtabloidmags : How to Use Twitter to Campaign without Triggering Survivors

I was pleased to hear the news that the campaign group Child Eyes UK has convinced the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to change the guidelines on how magazines are displayed in shops. As a feminist and mother, I have quite serious concerns about the types of magazines which are visible to children. The images and subject more »

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A tale of two Mirrors – victim blaming in the press

TW: Child abuse, grooming On 9 January 2014, the Mirror published the following article http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/paedophile-cop-christopher-semak-gets-3006714 The article describes the sentencing of a policeman who “sexually abused a teenage girl”. She was 14 when this began. The relationship lasted 18 months. Det Supt Tim Bacon is quoted as saying: “It is clear he groomed the victim more »

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Five things you should know about the scale of sexual abuse in Britain and how NOT to write about it

This piece featured in Thursday’s Mirror (17th  January 2014) which I feel raises some important issues, however, they are juxtaposed with victim blaming and male violence against women and girls minimising language and sadly consequently, dilutes the messages therein. Even the main headline omits the word ‘child’, which is after all what this is about: more »

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Filicide: An example of why our campaign is necessary

We have been sent a post recently which discusses the issue of men who murder their children, the act of filicide. It was sent into us in response to the news that Julian Stevenson had taken his own life, prior to his trial in France for the murder of both of his children. As an more »

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Five things you should know about the scale of sexual abuse in Britain (content note)

The Mirror has published a piece today which claims to evidence the scale of sexual abuse in Britain. Whilst we support any endeavour to expose the reality of sexual violence and we acknowledge that factually the graphs are correct, the Mirror has failed to state the most important fact about the reality of sexual abuse more »

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