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December, 2013

Review of the Year: My Reflections

In (another) year of high-profile cases of alleged male violence against women & against children: Michael le Vell, Charles Saatchi, Ian Watkins, the need for victim-centred services is paramount. The continued & dedicated services of Women’s Aid & Rape Crisis provide vital support for those affected by Domestic & Sexual Violence & Abuse (DSVA).  In more »

Medical care, domestic violence & the impact of being a migrant

I left my partner a few months ago, after a lot of abuse that I think will cause me long term damage. When I found out I was pregnant, the father wanted me to have an abortion – he hated me because I wouldn’t. When I told him I was in labour with our baby, more »

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My complaint to the Metropolitan Police

This email details the complaint I have made to the Met Police for the handling of my case and the victim blaming language used by the officer dealing with my case. I wrote about the incident in further detail on my blog, which you can access here. I will be providing further updates as the more »

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A Rapist Walks Free: Because he was Stoned

Sean Devenney admitted to sexually assaulting several women at T in the Park as well as performing a sex act in front of others. Yet, a Scottish court returned a “not proven” verdict. Devenney admitted to the crime and there were witnesses yet a jury returned a “not proven” verdict. Sean Devenney’s mitigating defence: he more »

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Notts police “poem”

The poem is so distasteful, but the fact that notts police haven’t apologised to victims or removed it from their site is just adding insult to injury. However, I’m not surprised by their response, this isn’t the first time notts police have let me down in regards to rape. As a victim I was treated more »

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Notts Police – an alternative poem

Twas the night before Christmas, when in to the club Came the men and the women Fresh from the pub The lads were all joking The girls having fun Dancing and drinking Vodka and rum The dresses were short And so was the night Some of the men had started to fight Fuelled by the more »

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Gut Response

Perhaps I need to discuss my considerable reservations about sharing my ‘gut response’ piece to this tweet. First – and biggest issue – is that I am white woman living in the UK. The Black Feminists I follow are already sick to the back teeth of white people ‘analysing’ their experiences when they are more more »

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