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June, 2013

Social Work & Victim Blaming

Although I have a lot of personal examples of being victim blamed, I wanted to write from a professional perspective. Mainly because some of the worst examples of victim blaming have come from social work professionals. Having worked in Youth Justice for many years, and more specifically with girls, I have lost count of the more »

Liz Jones on “toxic” role models: well, she would know.

Hey, Liz, let’s talk about role models. A role model is someone who sets a good example, right? In this particular instance, to children and young adults. For you, Rihanna is a bad role model, because she takes drugs, drinks alcohol, parties hard, has sex, dresses and dances sexily, and talks about all of it. more »

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David, what type of story is this? (An open letter to David Dinsmore, on his second day as Editor of The Sun.)

24 June 2013 Dear David, I write to you in reference to the article in The Sun, pictured above, published on 24th June 2013. The article reads: “NEW LOOK OF ‘SEX SLAVE’  Kidnap victim Amanda Berry shows off her new look as she travels to be reunited with her dying Dad.  Amanda 27, escaped with more »


Liz Jones Attack on Rihanna is Pure Woman-Hating

Liz Jones’ article in the Daily Mail yesterday, genuinely entitled Pop’s Poisonous Princess: Glorying in Drugs, Guns and Sleaze, is Jones explaining why Rihanna is a “toxic role model” for young girls. Ignoring the fact that Jones herself is a toxic role model for women in general and that she’s clearly a troll, the article more »

Liz Jones of the Daily Mail Rhianna ‘invites rape’ with her clothing choices

Liz Jones of the Daily Mail Rhianna ‘invites rape’ with her clothing choices http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2347680/Rihannas-toxic-role-model-army-young-fans-says-LIZ-JONES.html Surely this is at the centre of victim blaming culture. Nobody, naked, in fishnets or topless ‘invites rape’ this view so widely held in the mainstream media is a huge part of the problem.   Download this post as PDF? Click more »

Clare’s Law – will it really help women fleeing violence?

This post was first published here in April 2013 – thanks to author for allowing us to cross post. The most recent Independent article on this subject can be found here.   Trigger warning: discussion of domestic abuse and violence against women, including some common scenarios   At the weekend, I read an article in more »

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Our Whole Culture Blamed Her – Without a Word

I read a letter on a problem page in a teen magazine. It was back in the 80s but I still remember how devastating it was. A 17 year old girl had been raped and she hadn’t told anyone. Her reason for not telling was that she thought that people would disbelieve her, specifically because more »

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Why Don’t Perpetrators Have Agency?

This week, I’ve been watching discussions on Facebook and Twitter talk about the “agency” of a teenage girl in her grooming, kidnapping, and rape by her teacher Jeremy Forrest. A 15 year old girl was groomed, kidnapped and raped by her teacher; a man she was supposed to be able to trust. Instead of discussing more »

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